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“Na vs Li Metal Anodes For Batteries: Unraveling Thermodynamic and Electronic Origins of Voids and Developing Descriptors for Artificial Surface Coatings”
Victor Venturi, Rodrigo Freitas, Iwnetim Abate

“Capturing short-range order in high-entropy alloys with machine learning potentials”
Yifan Cao, Killian Sheriff, and Rodrigo Freitas

“Comprehensive Analysis of Ordering in CoCrNi and CrNi₂ Alloys”
Vinícius Bacurau, Pedro A. Moreira, Gustavo Bertoli, Angelo F. Andreoli, Eric Mazzer, Flavio F. de Assis, Piter Gargarella, Santiago Figueroa, Michael Widom, Michael Kaufman, Andrea Fantin, Yifan Cao, Rodrigo Freitas, Daniel Miracle, Francisco Gil Coury


Quantifying chemical short-range order in metallic alloys
Killian Sheriff, Yifan Cao, Tess Smidt, Rodrigo Freitas


Machine-learning potentials for crystal defects
Rodrigo Freitas and Yifan Cao
MRS Communications

Data-centric framework for crystal structure identification in atomistic simulations using machine learning
Heejung W. Chung*, Rodrigo Freitas*, Gowoon Cheon, and Evan J. Reed
Physical Review Materials
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“Dual phase patterning during a congruent grain boundary phase transition in elemental copper”
Lena Langenohl*, Tobias Brink*, Rodrigo Freitas, Timofey Frolov, Gerhard Dehm, and Christian H. Liebscher
Nature Communications

“Temperature-extrapolatable kinetic model for extension of molecular dynamics of complex chemistry to microsecond timescales: application to hydrocarbon pyrolysis”
Vincent Dufour-Decieux, Brandi Ransom, Rodrigo Freitas, Jose Blanchet, and Evan J. Reed
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation


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V. Dufour-Décieux, R. Freitas, and E. J. Reed
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A

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Y. Zhu, D. A. Rehn, E. R. Antoniuk, G. Cheon, R. Freitas, A. Krishnapriyan, and E. J. Reed
ACS Nano


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L. A. Zepeda-Ruiz, A. Stukowski, T. Oppelstrup, N. Bertin, N. R. Barton, R. Freitas, and V. V. Bulatov.
Nature Materials

“Uncovering the effects of interface-induced ordering of liquid on crystal growth using machine learning”
R. Freitas and E. J. Reed
Nature Communications


“Transferable kinetic monte carlo models with thousands of reactions learned from molecular dynamics simulations”
E. Chen, Q. Yang, V. D’ecieux, C. A. Sing-Long, R. Freitas, and E. J. Reed
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A


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R. Freitas, R. E. Rudd, M. Asta, T. Frolov
Physical Review Materials

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R. Freitas, M. Asta, and V. V. Bulatov
npj Computational Materials

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P. A. F. P. Moreira, R. G. de A. Veiga, I. de A. Ribeiro, R. Freitas, J. Helfferich, M. de Koning
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics


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R. Freitas, T. Frolov, and M. Asta
Physical Review E

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P. Saidi, R. Freitas, T. Frolov, M. Asta, and J. J. Hoyt
Computational Materials Science

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R. Freitas, T. Frolov, and M. Asta
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R. P. Leite, R. Freitas, R. Azevedo, and M. de Koning
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“Nonequilibrium free-energy calculation of solids using LAMMPS”
R. Freitas, M. Asta, and M. de Koning
Computational Materials Science (Editor’s Choice)